If we want a world where compassion, empathy, understanding, and equity are normal, well-practiced interpersonal skills, our learning spaces have to reflect that. So many families and the communities they live in, believe in social justice work. And by that I mean we believe the world isn’t always going to be filled with race, class, gender, ability biases in favor of the few people in power, and reflective of the harmful social systems that inform our actions, and that are embedded in our schools.

Some of us—parents, educators, other village members—believe that Self-Directed Education and its tendency to center social justice, is a powerful potential way to bridge the gaps between cultures, classes, and all sorts of other social systems. But, what we’re seeing in the SDE movement is that access and understanding of these options outside of traditional school tend to shut out non-White families based on cost, understanding, and other access issues. I want to solve that.

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