Mask-Free Relationships

Mask-Free Relationships

In this episode, Los Angeles-based natural learning advocate, Genesis Ripley, talks about the myriad of ways the liberated parenting journey has changed her for the better. She shares some of the ways it helps to grow her and heal her relationships. The reality for Genesis is that this approach to parenting and living is helping her to better understand herself and the people she spend time. I can agree, as unschooling has an inevitable side-effect of shedding and strengthening friendships and even our own relationships with our parents at times. We talked about how our children get to be themselves, which frees us up to recognize the ways that we’ve been holding on to things that aren’t even about us, but we just didn’t recognize our own freedom to let that stuff go.

We also learn about Alchemy Station, a collective run by Genesis and a few other Mamas who have formed a community around love-and-respect centered parenting. Alchemy Station, has an intentionality toward inclusion and celebration of diversity, which is so exciting, and I’ll be keeping up with Genesis so that I can update everyone on its progress. Their group has children who are neurodiverse and they each work to create a space that allows for open communication of needs and creative flexibility in actions, so that every person’s value is recognized as part of what makes their tribe beautiful.

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