Anxiety & Pushback

Anxiety & Pushback

If you are a parent testing out Self-Directed Education (SDE) spaces, or you’re in one such space, but struggling with feelings that the facilitators should do MORE with your child—or that they should INTERVENE if your child isn’t doing ENOUGH of something constructive—this segment is for you! Also, if you’re a facilitator or volunteer in a natural learning space and you need some not-quite gentle reminders to steer us parents toward, this episode is a great place to start.

You’ll hear a piece called The Other Unschooler (about supporting parents through this paradigm shift)…

Then you’ll hear from a young unschooler (Marley Richards, age 13) about her experience answering questions about SDE in general, and Agile Learning in particular…

The rest of this episode shares details about a few SDE spaces in Atlanta and Seattle, and offers an opportunity to get involved. Somuch to explore and enjoy; thanks for being part of it! #POCinSDE

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Anthony Galloway and Julia Cordero from Heartwood ALC