In this episode, Atlanta-based ZAHRA ALABANZA talks about how her bike and her passport give afford her the messy divinity of mothering and activism. #POCinSDE

Zahra is a life enthusiast. She is a mother, organizer, creative and adventurer. A project starting, wandering, overlover and outdoor junkie.  She utilizes space curation, outdoor adventure, food justice, yoga(ing) and being a creative as the root of her community organizing efforts to enhance the quality of life among Black folk. Her work centers Black women and children and meets at the intersection of justice, living in ones values, healing, quality of life and Black Liberation. She is humbly a co-visionary of the Anna Julia Cooper Learning and Liberation Center where her insights and skills further the development of liberatory living and learning spaces.

Currently she serves as the Conference Organizer for the  Money for Our Movements National Conference and is a 2018 Civic For Innovation fellow for her work with Red, Bike and Green.

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• 2018 Civic Atlanta Fellow Announcement

• Red Bike & Green-ATL

• Anna Julia Cooper Learning & Liberation Center

• Zahra on Instagram

Deschooling + Self-Care Retreat

Updates on this potential Summer 2018 Retreat

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