Sudbury & Healing Work in Nashville

Sudbury & Healing Work in Nashville

Sudbury & Healing Work in Nashville

We’re talking about healing work this week! Sonia was already on Episode 42 talking about getting free and taking her daughters, and the families in her Nashville community, along for their own versions of freedom. Now, Nashville Sudbury School is open, and the work has evolved. In this episode, Sonia and I talk about the ways that liberation work (through unschooling) can be a portal to deeply personal, healing work. We talk about ways to integrate more mindfulness and self-inquiry in the process of raising free people, and the risk of losing ourselves to the overwhelm of progress. This week’s Dear You letter is embedded in this conversation, all up and through–enjoy!  #raisingfreepeople


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  • Rebecca Tucker

    Thank you so much for this! Currently a part of founding a Sudbury School in Saint Louis…. planning to be a founding family…. absorbing all the info I can about making this intersectional…. currently radically unschooling my 14, 12,&8 yo daughters….. out youngest is the only one wanting a “school”….. thank god an appropriate model is finally coming to STL!

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