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Classes & Community


The evolution of the vision board. Whether you want to stop people-pleasing, start a business, end a relationship, stop playing mediocre, or completely change the way you spend your days, a Personal Manifesto is essential. By engaging in this contemplative practice, you name your needs, state your purpose, and become a more active participant in your own joy. In this course, we use self-inquiry, we name our emotions, we listen deeply, we explore honestly, and we use all of that to define our needs and intentions.

“This course has been confirmation for me to help me along a transition journey. Akilah offers a fresh air perspective with relatable personal experience and thoughtful promptings so that you delve into a deeper perspective that you wouldn’t have otherwise. The value she provides in her course and all her offerings far exceeds the price, imho. I am thankful that Akilah continues to offer her medicine for emotional and spiritual wellness.”

~ Tamara Pickens

Our children are young (the oldest almost 5 ), but my husband and I are starting to explore educational theories that are more in tune with our parenting than traditional school settings and curriculum. Akilah’s course blended resources with personal narrative, which helped me to visualize what this educational road might look like for us. While I appreciate having so many pieces of literature referenced (it’s nice having someone else do the homework for me! This course is the ultimate study sheet for beginning Unschoolers), hearing how the principles apply to someone with similar cultural insights as my family really helped me to figure out how to proceed. ~ Vanessa Bell


A free 9-step guide.

This Manifesto will serve as your personalized bible; the story of you, told by you, inspired by the highest version of you. I will walk you through the steps for clearly recognizing visual and verbal representations of your values, strengths, and opportunities for joy and success.

I feel more connected to myself and love myself more as I read it. I don’t know if it’s the process of writing it and digging deep, me actually doing it because I stray away from questions like this about me, seeing these facets of myself in one piece summed up, reading it and beginning to believe it, or a combination of it all. My Manifesto helped me to get behind the woman behind my vision.”

-Sharisa Robertson
Detroit, Michigan