RFP Network Needs

RFP Network Needs

RFP Network Needs

Thank you for visiting this page. You likely heard about this page on my podcast, or from someone who listens to it, so you should have some details about what this is all about/for. Please read each of the descriptions, then use the form below to message me. You can also use the voice memo option on the right of this page to tell me what you’re interested in, or to clarify something related to this project.

Audio Mapper

Listen to segments of audio from short-run series hosts, and organize segments in an order that would make for a great set of podcast episodes. You’d basically be outlining essays, audio style. Approximately two hours per week.


Drafting show notes page copy and drafting short (350-500) word posts about each episode, including the weekly podcast and several short-run series (5-8 episodes). Approximately three hours per week.


Sound editor to whom I can send raw files for cleaning and condensing when necessary. Approximately three hours per month.


Use Photoshop template to create promo image and quote poster for each episode. Create cover art for three short-run podcast series. Occasional Facebook cover image photos will be needed. Approximately one to two hours per week.

Good-Vibe Sender

Come on, bring it in…

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