Reclaiming Learning

Reclaiming Learning



…schools as plantations,


trusting yourself to guide your child,


single parents unschooling, and


liberated learning with chronic illness.


Monique Allison is a life coach and single parent. Her son, Pharaoh is a fun-loving, dancing machine and bona fide foodie navigating life while managing sickle cell and a few other chronic illnesses.

Monique and Pharaoh have recently embraced school-free living and are both still exploring what life will look like without a focus on school. Monique is excited about this liberated form of living, and Pharaoh has been calling for this shift for a long time. With a focus on learning more about each other and their individual interests, this duo is committed to designing lives that include joy, fun, natural education, and plenty of time to understand and embrace lifelong learning.

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