Your Practice

Your Practice

Take this opportunity to put your deschooling muscles to work; one is for parents and facilitators, and the other is for supporting family and community.

Designed for parents and facilitators who are already doing some level of mindful parenting work, and want to deepen that practice. This will challenge and grow your ideas around what it means to be a partner as a parent or facilitator. This is not a good fit for someone who believes it’s necessary to control or punish some children sometimes, nor for someone looking to find easier, kinder ways to be right, or to control a child. #parentingpatois

Designed for adults who did not choose Self-Directed Education, but are part of families where it’s happening, and you want details and better understanding. You’ll learn ten key terms that will put on you on path for discovery and deschooling around how to support a self-directed learner. These ten terms will offer context, discussion, and smarter questions about transitioning from coercive education to liberated learning. #HFLwebinar

Both Parenting Patois and How To Focus on Learning are pre-recorded, web-based workshops (webinars) you can access and work through at your own pace. Click on each flyer for more details.


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