Deep Work + Dora Life

Deep Work + Dora Life

Deep Work + Dora Life

In this episode, Ieishah Clelland talks to us about transience, self-mothering, and the importance of forgiving ourselves. We’re talking about healing work that happens through parenting as well, and you’ll hear how Ieishah’s intuition-driven travels were more than merely wanderlust, and actually how she made room for her husband and their daughters to manifest in her life.  #POCinSDE

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Ieishah Clelland is a writer, traveler, and serial expat, currently based in Berlin, Germany, originally a New Yorker of Caribbean descent. A mom of two young girls of mixed heritage, Ieishah (pronounced “Aisha”) spends most days nursing, playing pretend something or other, and conjuring catchy names for a style of parenting that foregrounds equality, anti-racism, and unpacking privilege, lovingly, suitcase by suitcase.

Deschooling + Self-Care Retreat

Updates on this potential Summer 2018 Retreat

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