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Sage Richards Akilah Richards

The Freedom of Unschooling:
Raising Liberated Black Children Without The Restrictions of School

trust children akilah richards

3 Damn Good Reasons for Your Family
to Break Up with School


3 Radical Reasons to Be Okay
with Not Being Okay


Navigating Unschooling and Blackness
in the American Education System


Why I Won’t Get Behind Traditional Parenting (and what I do instead)


Fear Of The Free Black Child:
Alternatives To Fear-Based Parenting
Amid Police Violence

akilah richards unschooler

Black Non-Christians and Non-Believers: Perspectives From One Black Family

5 Ways I Practice Intersectional
Feminist Parenting

marley sage richards unschooling

4 Reasons Never To Tell Your Daughters
To Be “Lady-like”

akilah richards husband digital nomad

4 Reasons Why Being a Parent Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling


Spaces Where Women Introverts Can Fuel Their Personal Evolutions

Spotted Girl Tall Tree Akilah

Flash Fiction: Spotted Girl, Tall Tree


4 Messages We Send Tween Girls That Undermine Their Self-Expression (And What To Say Instead)

When I read 4 Messages We Send Tween Girls…,
I stepped back and laid down my professional training and experience to get out-of-the-way and just take in what Akilah shared. I am glad I did! Her insights and experience as mother and daughter are right on the mark with my own professional understanding of tween girls.

I encourage you to not make the assumption that this only, applies to tween Girls of Color, you would be incorrect. In fact, if you shift some of the details just a bit, the same challenges and solutions apply to tween boys, although they may not be as obvious.

Michael Swerdloff | Providence Life Coach and Reiki Counselor

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