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Love, Trust & Identity

Love, Trust, Identity - that’s the flow of the conversation Kelly Henderson will guide us on for the duration of this episode. She is a college professor, and an unschooling mama of five children. She is brilliant and funny and hella focused on Black Love, and I’m talking beyond romantic love. I’m talking love that [...]

Spirituality in Parenting

Let’s have a conversation about spirituality in parenting. So much of what we do and affirm and get validated by is schoolish in nature, and toxic for us. It’s a prove it, show your work, impress someone in authority, push past this, show up like this, be normal in this way, and be exceptional in [...]

My Education, My Liberation – Johannesburg

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Raising Free & Aware People

Why This Now (A note from Zakiyya Ismail) ”There’s a contestation between the dominant messaging in our society and our goals as unschoolers in raising free people. The dominant society we live in is patriarchal, racist, ableist, homophobic and adultist.  It’s evident in in the way language is used, TV shows, jokes, books etc. Our [...]

Togethering the Othered

Is mindful parenting sustainable. Can Caribbean people, for example, with all our deep familiarity in the art of loving yet intimidation-based parenting, actually learn how to consistently be in respect-based, partnership-centered relationships with our children? Can our children call us on our b.s. and still feel not only safe, but heard and respected for expressing [...]

Fare of the Free Child is a weekly-published podcast community centering People of Color in liberatory living and learning practices. With a particular interest in unschooling and the Self-Directed Education movement, Akilah S. Richards and special guests discuss the fears and the fares (costs) of raising free black and brown children in a world that tends to diminish, dehumanize, and disappear them. Connect on Twitter and Instagram using our hashtags: #POCinSDE #RaisingFreePeople






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