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The process of unraveling our own privilege and presuppositions around caring for children is ongoing. It’s okay to recognize we have more work to do – and to feel conflicted and unsure about how it will all work out.

We are challenging the things we held in our minds as true, getting to know the world through our own lenses, and seeing how we were participating in the oppression of our own people through our parenting, caregiving, and overall relationships with children.

The first set of free webinars (March 2017) were well-received, and more than 300 people engaged in the summer webinar (July 2017). I may do one more before the end of this summer, because I LOVE that people are exploring the ways that unschooling offers tools to design our own liberatory parenting practice.

Join this free webinar email list and you’ll get a free unschooling ebook, plus be among the first to know when the next webinar is happening.

During my webinars you’ll learn about how this way of life is based on freedom, respect and autonomy,and how it influences how we parent and how we approach education. If this speaks to your challenges in raising or supporting a child, get in here; let’s do this.


What These Webinar Cover:

What unschooling is, what it absolute is not, and why we tend to misunderstand it.

The characteristics that make unschooling a way of practicing liberation in action.

Examples of how families effectively unschool (and deschool) together.

Effective ways to find and build community around your unschooling needs.