Learning Communities

Learning Communities



…loving partnerships, shedding old


friendships, navigating religion, knowing


nothing, and the benefits of


intentional learning communities.


Yanira Castro is my co-facilitator for this week’s episode. She is an Afro-Latinx mom of four who enjoys being a wife, a career woman, an unschooling mama, and an Outdoor Afro leader in North Carolina.

The two youngest members of Yanira’s family, Isaiah (7) and Raina (4) are enrolled in what some might describe as an unschooling school; an intentional learning community for self-directed learners.

The educational model they use in this community is called Agile Learning, and its principles are supported and adapted from an organization called Agile Learning Centers, or ALC. We’ll explore ALCs as well as a new collective of learning advocates who’ve formed the Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE).

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